Name: John*

Age: 45

Role: LGV Driver / Bus Driver

John has been a lorry driver for 22 years. He is in reasonably good health but is overweight. Whilst exiting the cab he stumbled and landed on his right knee. The outcome was a fracture to the right patella. He was taken to accident and emergency, admitted then discharged a few days later.

Can we help you?

What can the manager gain from occupational health intervention?

Supporting his manager to manage his absence

Supporting and advising on his return to work. A rehabilitation programme (physiotherapy and a phased return) could be considered and reasonable adjustments discussed

Will there be obstacles to his recovery? These could be:

  • Complications to his recovery
  • Litigation
  • Lack of confidence
  • Compensation
  • Family pressures

All characters in these case studies are fictitious – Any similarities with real people are unintended and coincidental.

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