Name: Jean*

Age: 35

Role: Production Worker

Jean has worked for the company for the last three years. Her sickness record has been reasonable. Just recently she has been taking odd days off and now has gone off sick.

She has produced a sick note from her GP for four weeks stating “stress and anxiety”. She says she does not want work to contact her.

Can we help you?

We would advise on maintaining contact with Jean, assessing the support in place and whatever else may be appropriate. Could the organisation offer support with treatment (counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy)? Need to consider the obstacles to return to work, is it just work?

We would help the manager by case conference and organising a meeting with manager and Jean. We would also train managers in managing stress and mental health in the workplace and provide information for employees.

All characters in these case studies are fictitious – Any similarities with real people are unintended and coincidental.

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