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To: Human Resources personnel, managers and clients

Dear All,

Forge Health want to reassure you that we are taking the relevant steps based on up-to-date guidance from the government, with regards to the current outbreak of Covid-19. Measures are already in place to comply with infection prevention standards, and more are being undertaken daily. This is both in the short term and the long term, to ensure you can have confidence in our ability to care for your employees to the very best of our abilities.

Please see below for details of our current response to Phase 1 and 2 (delay) of the Covid-19 virus. This response has been discussed and agreed by multi-disciplinary staff, utilising advice from the NHS and UK government websites, which were accessed on Thursday 12 March 2020.

Limiting risk of transference between clients

Posters relating to symptoms of Covid-19 are available in prominent positions, and visiting clients are requested not to enter the building if they are suffering relevant symptoms.

Although current guidance is business as usual, being mindful of the sensitive nature of the work that our clients undertake, Forge Health would ask that employees who have any Covid-19 symptoms call Forge Health to rebook their appointment and not to attend the unit.

Please note that during the delay stage Forge Health will not be undertaking any non-essential spirometry testing. This is to protect staff and other clients. Where possible, we will ensure this does not negatively impact on your business, and where passing a client fit can be undertaken through other means, we will do so. Where spirometry is required, Forge Health will contact HR directly and discuss undertaking the test at a later date.

All cleaning chemicals have been checked to ensure they comply with the current Health and Safety Executive guidance relating to universal cleaning. This includes the eradication of many known viruses and bacteria. Liquid soap and alcohol-based hand gel is readily available, and staff will challenge any client visiting Forge Health who does not comply with using these hand hygiene substances. Posters explaining the correct hand washing technique are displayed in relevant areas. Good practice and suitable evidence-based measures are followed, as well as advice given by experts in the field of Occupational Health and various other fields of expertise.

Forge Health Staff

Forge Health administration and nursing staff are updated regularly from the clinicians’ advisory section of the government website, specifically related to Covid19, to ensure we are complying with current guidelines, advice and evidence. Forge Health multi-disciplinary staff have an agreed and ratified plan should the Covid-19 infection status progress. As we have already agreed, this plan can commence within a few minutes if necessary. Forge Health staff have recently undertaken a cardiopulmonary resuscitation refresher, including the use of a new defibrillator.

Please note, should we have an unwell or deteriorating patient, there is usually at least two trained medical practitioners on site during a normal working day who are able to assist if necessary.

Cancellation policy

If the employee, HR representative or referring manager cancel the appointment within three working days due to the employee having symptoms suspected to be Covid-19, the standard fee will apply as per usual. Should Forge Health close due to key staff having symptoms suspected to be Covid19, a member of staff will attempt to contact the employee, HR representative or referring manager to cancel appointments. If the employee is not able to attend due to Forge Health being unable to comply with the appointment, there will be no charge for cancelled appointments.

We hope these actions reassure you that Forge Health staff and managers are taking active steps to ensure we go above and beyond the measures advised by the government and NHS. We are consistently trying to develop and improve, but if you wish to ask any questions relating to our response to Covid-19, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Forge Health

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